‘The #Vegas Motel Diary’ is a
web series that parodies all of the
shenanigans that go on in the
longtime cultural phenomenon
of people choosing to reside in
one of the many “weekly motels”
that could exist, only in Las Vegas.
This is Your Late-night Alternative
to Crime Re-enactment!
Produced, Written, Directed
& Edited by Lara Whitten
All Images by Lara Whitten
All Rights Reserved
Episode 005, titled, “Fans Only, Please (Halloween Edition)” continues to parody all things Las Vegas and the phenomenon of so-called “webcam girls” and services, like, #OnlyFans and all the craziness that ensues. #LasVegas #Halloween #hustling #motels #parody
Episode 004, titled, “Neonopoly”,
follows Steve and Meg, as they
scheme and dream of #hustling #Vegas.
Episode 002, titled, “Sunrise O’Stripper
follows, Sunrise, an infamous and
notorious Las Vegas stripper, who
arrives “home” to the motel after
going on stage all night long at her
beautiful and opulent #LasVegas
strip club to find her much younger
Advertisement for my starter web series,
‘The #Vegas Motel Diary’.
New episode, titled,
“Fans Only, please! (Halloween Edition)”
coming October 2022.
Episode 003, titled, “Freaking Tweaking”,
examines the obsessions of our
protagonists as they try to party
like it’s #LasVegas in a hotel
room that they can’t pay for.
Episode 001, titled, “When the Cat Lady Sings”
follows, Franny, a broke heiress/mob
princess that winds up a cat lady living
in a weekly motel. Oh, and the only job
she’s ever even kind of had, is, lounge
singer. And, yes, this is based on the true
story, of my, trying to stop her from
becoming a cat lady(and, my first
video effort ever. It is a little rough
but still entertaining).

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